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Saturday, 18 October 2014

How to fix extra salt in food?

Adding extra salt while cooking food is a common mistake and I have been a victim of this mistake almost several times. But then I realized just throwing the salty food isn't an option, we need to figure out a better way to resolve this problem which ruins the entire food. But how you fix a salty dish actually depends on what type of food are you making whether it is a gravy, sauce, kebabs, soups, etc. Here's a few tricks you can do to save your dish from salt disaster.

1. Lemon juice or Vinegar

Lemon juice or vinegar can work wonders in your salty dishes, adding a few drops of this can mask the taste of extra salt. You can use this in almost all types of recipes like in curries, sauces and it is the best fix for dry grilled foods like kebabs or fried meat or anything which is not a gravy, just sprinkle few drops of lemon or vinegar.

2. Add more ingredients 

You can add more base ingredients like onions, vegetables, etc to the dish to balance the saltiness or you can prepare in another pot little bit of the same dish without salt and mix it with your curry. Doing this is a bit more work but it is worth as you won't loose other flavours like hotness.

3. Potato

Slice a raw potato and add it to the sauce or gravy and let it boil, the potato will absorb all the extra salt from the gravy, you can remove potato pieces before serving .You can add a mashed potato in batters like that of kebabs to balance the saltiness.

4. Yogurt or milk or fresh cream

Depending on what you are cooking you can dairy ingredients like yogurt, milk or fresh cream to gravies. This trick usually works well with non vegetarian gravies or some yogurt or cream can also be added to stir fry meats.

5. Sugar or Honey

A teaspoon of sugar or honey can be added to rice, soup, stews, curries, dal, etc to mask the extra salty flavours but don't overdo this as it can make your dish too sweet, you can also add little bit of more chilly if necessary

6. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are also very helpful in reducing extra salt, you can add tomato paste to batters and you can also add pureed tomatoes in any gravy. In fact sometimes when I feel I have added a lot more salt in fried eggs, I balance it by adding diced tomatoes to the egg and then frying it or if it is already fried I just add some on top of it and have it. It balances saltiness to some extent.

7. Balls of wheat flour

Knead wheat flour into a dough and make small balls of the dough and add it to the sauce, curry, dal,etc and let it cook for sometime. It will absorb extra salt and scoop the balls out before serving.

8: Pureed white rice

Unsalted cooked white rice can be pureed and added to dishes like soups to adjust the extra salt

10. Add some water

If it is a broth or gravy you can simply add little more water and also if you are cooking dry vegetables and if it has become very salty then just change it into a gravy by adding some water. For gravies, curries, sauces or daals, you can combine this trick with some of the above mentioned trick to achieve good results.

In any of the above mentioned tricks, remember not to overdo it, all these tips should be used in small quantities, you can increase the quantity if required. If your dish is too salty then you may combine two or more tricks to balance your dish, for example, you can add tomatoes as well as ball of wheat to remove extra salt.

I hope these tips help you, do post if you have tried anything else to balance the salt in your dish. Happy Cooking!!!

photo credit: SoraZG via photopin cc

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